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Pole Attachments - Construction Standards

Application Requirements

(a) Before Licensee shall have a right to attach to any facility of Licensor, Licensee shall make application and receive a permit therefor. The application shall be in the form of Exhibit A, hereto attached and made a part hereof. Upon issuing such permit, Licensor agrees that Licensee is permitted to make the attachments thereby covered, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In accordance with this Agreement, Licensor reserves the right to determine whether or not to issue a permit. Licensor may consider in reviewing a permit application, issues of capacity, safety, reliability and generally applicable engineering requirements, including the operation of Licensor's distribution and/or transmissions systems, any presently existing contractual obligation of Licensor to any public utilities, governmental bodies or other entities which may be entitled to use of, or control of such facilities and the terms of this agreement . Licensor may also consider the adverse effect on any of Licensor's facilities including, but not limited to, all questions of economy, safety and future needs of Licensor. This application and permitting process is also a requirement for every instance where overlashing or Change in Character of Service is proposed. Licensor shall state the reasons for any denial in writing upon request of Licensee

(b) Upon Licensor's receipt of Licensee's "Application for Attachment Permit", (Exhibit A) Licensee's design and layout proposal will be subject to review by the Licensor.

(c) When Licensor reviews the application, an "Attachment Permit" in the form of Exhibit A, hereto attached and made a part hereof, will be signed and returned to Licensee indicating the Licensee's proposal acceptance or denial by Licensor without unreasonable delay.

(d) If Licensee makes attachments without benefit of the requisite permit, Licensee is deemed in default of this Agreement.

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