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Natural Gas System Post-Katrina Rebuild
Continuation of the Gas System Replacement
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Minimal Disruption
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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Gas System Post-Katrina Rebuild

Frequently Asked Questions 

What criteria does Entergy New Orleans use to determine which areas of the city will be rebuilt?  

The sequence of replacement is driven by system reliability and leak rate. Some of the replacement schedule will also be driven by the City of New Orleans as a result of street rehabilitation and drainage projects that require gas pipes to be relocated.

What neighborhoods have been completed in the Post-Katrina rebuild?

Click here for a map showing completed areas. All areas in green were either high pressure prior to Katrina or have been converted to high pressure as part of the Gas Rebuild.

When will the gas system in my neighborhood be replaced?

Click here for a map of the areas to be replaced.

The purple areas are where low pressure remains. The yellow areas indicate where replacement work is either in progress or will start in the near future. As yellow areas are completed, they will become green.

Will my gas service be interrupted?

Customers will be notified about the work schedule by mail, door hangers or by a visit from an Entergy representative.  Customers will experience a minimal gas service interruption while their gas meter is transferred from the old system to the new system.

When will the Gas Infrastructure Replacement Program be completed?

Entergy New Orleans is currently authorized by the New Orleans City Council to replace 65 miles of pipe through mid-2019. At that time, some low pressure and early vintage pipe will remain in service. With additional council authorization, Entergy New Orleans has requested to replace all remaining low pressure and vintage plastic by approximately 2026.