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Natural Gas System Post-Katrina Rebuild
Continuation of the Gas System Replacement
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Natural Gas System Post-Katrina Rebuild

Continuation of the Gas System Replacement

Low Pressure & Early Vintage Plastic

  • As of January 1, 2018, Entergy New Orleans has replaced approximately 70 percent of the low pressure system; or 460 miles of the 650 miles that were in service when the flooding occurred.
  • Over the next several years, Entergy New Orleans plans to continue replacing all remaining low pressure piping with more modern, state of the art high pressure high density polyethylene. 
  • In addition, approximately seven miles of a certain type of plastic pipe installed in the early 1970’s will be replaced. While safe and reliable, this early vintage plastic pipe is difficult to repair if damaged.

Less Vulnerable to Flood Damage

  • The high pressure system being installed operates at a pressure of up to 99 pounds.  Because of the higher pressure, it is very unlikely that the gas system would flood again.
  • The new high-pressure system will be rebuilt with industry-standard, high-density polyethylene gas pipe which is virtually impervious to salt water corrosion compared to cast iron or steel traditionally used for gas systems.

Reliability and Safety Benefits

  • The new system configuration introduces additional redundancies to ensure reliable delivery of gas to customers.
  • Damages or leaks can be isolated and confined more easily than with the low-pressure system.
  • A new safety feature known as an “excess flow valve” will be installed on most new service lines.  This device will automatically stop the flow of gas if a service line is damaged.