Entergy New Orleans is focused on job creation and helping to foster economic opportunity in New Orleans.

We have partnered with our economic development allies at the New Orleans Business Alliance and Greater New Orleans, Inc. to attract such projects as the construction of the Costco Warehouse Club, the expansion and consolidation of Folgers Coffee and the return of the Chiquita Banana business back to the Port of New Orleans.


Entergy's Business Development Team knows energy is the lifeblood of new business. That's why we've devised a citywide strategy to drive economic growth and support local community efforts to create jobs and local revenue.


At Entergy New Orleans, we feel it is our duty to bring economic growth and development to our city.

We work hard to keep our rates below national averages and in line with the Louisiana state average.

Community is at the heart of everything we do.

- Entergy supports local charities and donates gifts year round.
- Our dedicated staff contributes thousands of volunteer hours every year.
- We understand that being proactive and supporting local efforts is essential to drive prosperity through New Orleans.

In order to power a thriving future for New Orleans, we need to upgrade and modernize utility infrastructure.

Entergy is committed to investing in the power infrastructure in New Orleans, including the Midtown substation powering the new hospital complex, the electric transmission system upgrade, and the construction of the city's first solar power plant.

These and other planned investments will help ensure access to safe, clean and affordable power well into the future. The investments will also enable Entergy to continue delivering the high levels of reliability and service for our customers.

While our investments in infrastructure will have an immediate impact, they also enable ongoing development into the future.

The planned investments reflect Entergy's strong commitment to do our part to support economic growth in the communities we serve.

Current and future projects are all designed to ensure our customers have access to smarter and more efficient technologies.

By making these and other planned investments now Entergy is laying the foundation necessary to keep customers' rates below the national average. Safer, smarter and more efficient - all part of Entergy's plans to invest in the future of New Orleans.

Entergy New Orleans is investing millions of dollars in projects that will make our community's electrical infrastructure stronger, safer and equipped to advance into the future.

solar reliability Power Station Almonaster Rooftop Solar
Electric Power Transmission System Upgrade
Phase 1
Electric Power Transmission System Upgrade
Phase 2
Shield Wire
New Orleans
Power Plant
New Orleans Reliability Upgrades New Orleans
Midtown-Almonaster Electric Power Transmission System Upgrade New Orleans Rooftop Solar Project


At Entergy New Orleans, we strive to keep the community fully informed about our investments via various methods of contact:

- Informational Meetings
- Printed Materials
- Signage
- Local Media
- Face-to-Face
- Automated Phone Notifications
- Website
- Social Media
- News Releases
- Power to Grow NOLA Hotline
- Email

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