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Solar Panels

Solar Panels in the French Quarter/CBD

  • Entergy New Orleans and New Orleans City Council regulations allow net metering needed for solar panel systems in the vast majority of the city.
  • For safety and reliability assurance as per City Council regulations, solar net metering is not allowed in the Central Business District (which includes the French Quarter area).
    NOTE: Area bounded by Iberville St., N. Rampart St., Esplanade Ave., and the Mississippi River also requires approval of the Vieux Carré commission.
  • Customers and solar panel contractors should contact Entergy New Orleans as part of the solar installation and net metering process before they install the system.  

Additional Information

  • Electrical service to the New Orleans French Quarter is part of the CBD underground secondary network.
  • Secondary networks, such as the network in the New Orleans Central Business District and French Quarter, are designed for one-way current flow from the utility to the customer.
  • The introduction of external generation to an underground secondary network can degrade reliability, safety and voltage, which can in turn cause equipment failure and adversely affect the safety of the both Entergy employees and the general public.
  • The detection of external generation from a customer’s source could cause network safety features to operate, which could disrupt power to other customers.
  • Customers in areas that are not allowed to connect to the grid can still use solar panels or other external generation as long as they as connected to devices (such as a pool pump) that are not connected to an electric meter.

Legal Disclaimer: Entergy does not sell, lease, install or maintain solar panels. Any decision to install solar panels is a personal one and should be based on each consumer’s individual facts and circumstances and the specifics of the solar panel transaction. No statement herein is intended to endorse or denounce the use of solar energy or any person or company in the business of selling, leasing, installing or maintaining solar panels.

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