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Excess Flow Valves

An optional device for most Entergy gas customers​​

Entergy can install an excess flow valve on your natural gas service line.

  • An Excess Flow Valve is a mechanical device installed on some natural gas service lines (the underground line that runs from the gas main line to the meter). It is designed to minimize or stop the flow of gas by automatically closing in the event that a service line becomes damaged.  Such damage usually results from some type of digging or excavation.
  • The installation of the device is not required for the normal, safe operation of the gas service line.  If activated, the excess flow valve is designed to minimize or stop the flow of natural gas to a house or structure, reducing the risk of injury and/or property damage.  The device does not protect against leaks at the meter or leaks beyond the meter assembly on house piping and appliances. 
  • Until recent years, federal law did not require excess flow valves to be installed on newly constructed or replaced service lines. Where excess flow valves were not previously required by law, it is the customer’s option to install the device at his or her expense.​
  • If requested, Entergy will install the excess flow valve on the customer’s service line as close as possible to the main natural gas line.  It will require Entergy to dig the service line up near the street to install the device.  This work will also cause gas service to be interrupted for a short period of time while the device is being installed.  Gas service will be immediately restored once the installation is complete. 
  • The average cost to Entergy customers requesting an excess flow valve installation is expected to be approximately $1,000, but the actual installation cost varies depending on the difficulty of the installation.
  • Due to gas system operating characteristics and limitations, in some instances, excess flow valves cannot be installed. Each situation will be evaluated upon request.

Updated:  April 14, 2017