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Natural Gas System Rebuild
Why Rebuild?
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Minimal Disruption
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Natural Gas System Rebuild

Minimal Disruption to Street Projects, Traffic

  • Entergy New Orleans is using a drilling technology called directional boring that eliminates trenching, the traditional and extremely disruptive method for installing pipe that tore up streets and made access to homes and businesses difficult.
  • The combination of innovative drilling technology and modern distribution piping will virtually eliminate disruption in the construction phase and provide better reliability once completed.

  • It will impact only small sections of sidewalks. This minimizes potential conflicts with future street repaving, water or sewer projects.

  • Instead of using a single-main configuration, Entergy New Orleans installs two mains, one on each side of city streets. This configuration dramatically reduces the need to conduct street work, minimizing any disruption of traffic.

  • Only small sections of sidewalks will be impacted. Cuts into the sidewalks will measure approximately 4 feet by 4 feet or 4 feet by 6 feet. The smaller cuts basically measure the size of a single sidewalk panel.