Entergy New Orleans, a subsidiary of Entergy Corporation, is an electric and gas utility serving Orleans Parish.

Formed in the early 1900s as New Orleans Public Service Inc., or NOPSI, the company originally provided gas and electric service and maintained the streetcar and bus lines with one simple goal: to provide courteous, continuous and efficient service at all times. Although the company eventually relinquished operation of the streetcar and bus lines, Entergy New Orleans maintains a similar goal with a new slogan: keep the lights on and the gas flowing.

At a glance

  • Entergy has more than 2,800 employees in the Greater New Orleans area, along with more than 1,900 ongoing contract workers.* These 4,700 workers and their families contribute significantly to the economy of the City of New Orleans.
  • Approximately 1,500 Entergy retirees in New Orleans area.
  • Entergy New Orleans is regulated by the New Orleans City Council.

Electric service

  • Serves Orleans Parish.
  • Approximately 211,000** electric customers.
  • 1,800 miles of electric distribution lines.
  • 138 miles of transmission lines.
  • Approximately 640 megawatts of power generation.

Gas service

  • Serves Orleans Parish.
  • Approximately 109,000** natural gas customers.
  • 36 miles of natural gas transmission lines.
  • More than 1,700 miles of natural gas distribution lines.
  • Completed world's largest rebuild effort of gas infrastructure in early 2017, replacing nearly 400 miles of low-pressure gas piping flooded during Hurricane Katrina.

* As of Dec. 31 2022. Including all Entergy Corp. and subsidiary companies in New Orleans metro area.
** As of Dec. 31, 2022.

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