Entergy New Orleans, LLC (“ENO”) is committed to providing its customers with safe and reliable service at the lowest reasonable cost.  Integrated resource planning is an important part of the process to help achieve that goal.  Integrated resource planning takes into account estimates of customers’ future electricity needs and the resources available to serve those needs in order to develop a long-range plan to inform future planning activities.  Because customers' needs and the world around us change over time, ENO updates the IRP every three years in order to ensure the IRP reflects those changes.  For example, on September 1, 2015 Algiers became part of ENO’s electric service area, and is now included in Entergy New Orleans’ long term planning. 

ENO conducts its triennial IRP process in accordance with IRP Rules approved by the Council for the City of New Orleans (“Council”).  The current rules, approved by the Council in Resolution R-17-429 following a 2017 rulemaking involving ENO, the Council’s Advisors, and intervenors, established updated guidelines for development and review of ENO’s integrated resource plan.  The updated Rules will be used throughout the 2021 IRP cycle, which was initiated through Council Resolution R-20-257.  More information on ENO’s current and past IRPs can be found by clicking on the links below.