New Orleans residents and businesses interested in participating in community solar projects can do so through the New Orleans City Council’s Community Solar Program, which is designed to provide an additional renewable energy option to New Orleans electric customers. 

As described in Council Resolution R-23-507, the City Council’s Community Solar Rulesestablish the rules, policies, and procedures for Community Solar Generating Facilities and their associated subscriptions in Orleans Parish. Developers and Subscriber Organizations of community solar projects are required to meet all eligibility requirements and must adhere to all applicable safety and reliability protocols. Entergy New Orleans, LLC is required under the rules to administer the Council’s Program and the Council Utilities Regulatory Office is required to investigate, and impose penalties for, violations of the Rules.

Subscriber Organizations interested in participating in the Program must first register with CURO.  After registering, a Subscriber Organization must submit their application to ENO through the following procedure:

Initial application forms (Required to begin review process)

Program applications will be reviewed by ENO in the order that they are received. Completed application forms should be emailed to An ENO representative will reach out to confirm receipt of the application within 10 business days as described in the Rules. For more information, please review the Application Flowchart & Timeline document below.

Additional application forms (Upon approval of Interconnection Application)

If both the Program Application and Interconnection Application reaches approval, ENO will contact Subscriber Organizations to begin execution of the following application forms:

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