Entergy New Orleans has developed turn-key EV charging solutions for commercial installation.

Have an EV charger project in mind?


Entergy New Orleans now partners with its customers to install and maintain EV chargers. Whether you’re a property developer trying to include EV chargers in your project, a business owner trying to make charging available at the workplace and/or for your customers, or a fleet manager pursuing the benefits of electric fleet operations, Entergy can partner with you to select, install and maintain EV charging equipment to meet your needs.

Our experts will assist you in designing the optimal charging layout and number of chargers for your location and finding the right charging solution, such as Level2 or DC Fast Charger.

The cost of the charger(s), installation and maintenance will be added to your monthly Entergy New Orleans bill.


  • Who can participate?

    The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) rider is available to non-residential customers of Entergy New Orleans. If you are an Entergy customer outside of New Orleans, visit our eTech Program website.

  • How does it work?

    An Entergy New Orleans EV expert will consult with you about your specific electric vehicle charging needs. Once the scope of work and costs are developed and agreed upon, you enter into an agreement with Entergy New Orleans to pay a net monthly EVCI rider charge for the selected period (1-10 years). Entergy New Orleans will install and maintain the charging equipment.

    Per the terms of the agreement, the monthly charge will be calculated based on the total installed cost of charging equipment less applicable adjustment for (1) utilization of any available government tax or other form of incentives and (2) additional revenues anticipated to be received by Entergy New Orleans, plus the agreed-upon fixed amount for any on-going O&M services. Additional electricity usage for EV charging will be part of your monthly bill.

    Once the equipment has been paid off (i.e., at the end of the selected term) Entergy New Orleans will continue to maintain the equipment and provide any other services you may require, for a monthly fee agreed upon by both parties.

  • How is payment collected?

    The EVCI rider monthly charge will be added to your electric bill and is payable under the normal terms and conditions of electric service. Additional electricity usage from EV charging will be part of your monthly bill.

  • What is included in the monthly cost?

    The cost of the EV charger, installation costs, and an agreed-upon fixed amount to cover ongoing operations and maintenance expenses based on your desired level of maintenance, warranty, insurance, remote monitoring, access and network services.

  • Does the rate change over time?

    EVCI rider monthly payment will remain fixed over the selected period (1-10 years). If there are modifications or additions to EV charging infrastructure, such as replacement of components, a new agreement may be required.

  • What if I am residential customer?

    Entergy’s EVCI rider works for installing EV chargers at multi-family housing but is not available for individual residential customer installations. Rebates for residential installations can be applied for through the Entergy e-Tech program. For residential Level 2 installations, please click here.

  • What is the contract term?

    The initial contract term for the EVCI rider is 10 years and will be automatically extended for successive periods of one year until and unless terminated by written notice given by one party to the other.

  • Who owns the EV charger?

    Entergy New Orleans will construct, own and maintain the charger for your use, as well as the use of your customers and/or employees.

  • Who is responsible for maintenance?

    Entergy New Orleans is responsible for providing operations and maintenance, subject to your desired level as specified in the agreement.

  • Can I still get information on charger usage?

    Yes, if you choose to activate network access for the charger, which will involve added monthly cost to be agreed upon between you and Entergy New Orleans. Access will be through an online portal.

  • Can I charge my customers, tenants, or employees for using the charger?

    Yes, charging a fee for using the charger is allowed under a 2018 City Council-approved resolution, subject to certain requirements. Note that the agreement with Entergy New Orleans will need to address network access in order to facilitate charging drivers for using the charger.

    Check out Entergy New Orleans tariffs here.

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