New Interconnection Process Now Live: An electronic web-based tool to submit interconnection applications is now available. This platform will provide an intuitive user experience to guide customers, installers, and Entergy staff through the interconnection process. The tool will allow users to submit their applications, make edits or corrections, monitor the approval statuses, receive utility responses and feedback, and provide reference information for all interconnection regulations and standards. Customers and installers may submit interconnection applications via the manual/paper process (emailed to Customer Relations Entergy New Orleans) through May 31, 2023, but the new web-based tool should be used for all interconnection applications by June 1, 2023.

Apply online through our new application portal

Entergy offers customers that generate electric power using solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, or qualified biomass resources the option to Net Meter.

Net Metering or Interconnection of an electric generator is not permitted in the Downtown Network Area which is approximately bordered by the Expressway to the West Bank, Claiborne Avenue, Esplanade Avenue, and the Mississippi River. Visit here to submit any questions for potential installations that are on the outside edges of this footprint.

Net Metering is available to residential generation facilities up to 25 kilowatts and commercial generation facilities up to 300 kilowatts who do not have any other generator connected to the grid. Customers who have small gas or diesel power generators that do not meet these qualifications may want to explore this link.

In New Orleans Net Metering, the kilowatt-hours produced by the customer and sent to the grid offset the kilowatt-hours sold to the customer in that month. If the customer sends more kilowatt-hours to the grid than used, the Customer pays the minimum bill amount, and the excess is credited toward the next month. Any kilowatt-hours credit left over when the customer discontinues service will be paid at avoided cost.

The utility is required to supply a meter with the capability of recording two-way electrical flows. The customer will:

  • Meet regulatory requirements, performance and safety standards including:
  • Have safety measures that prevent the generator from feeding electricity to the utility when the line is non-energized, in an abnormal voltage or frequency or cause a degradation of the safety or quality of power on the electrical grid (control packages are available to do this).
  • Have a labeled manual disconnect approved by the utility on the outside (available to Entergy 24 hours a day with no notice) information on labeling requirements.
  • Be able to synchronize with the utility and stay synchronized.
  • Pay for the reasonable costs of connecting, switching, metering, transmission, distribution, safety provisions and administrative costs that are directly related to the interconnection and in excess of the corresponding costs if interconnection did not occur including:
    •  A one time charge for installation of the meter, (Residential $50.00, Commercial $75.00.)
    • Normal other charges under the rates applicable to the customer (based upon the net kilowatt-hours). Also see: Net Metering Service Schedule
  • Submit a completed, signed Interconnection Agreement for Net Metering Facilities (see below) describing the generator system (the customer may want to have the vendor of the equipment help fill out the form).

Agreements, rate and contact information for facilities located in Entergy New Orleans (including Algiers):

For questions related to this application, email

The customer may want to have the vendor of the equipment help fill out the application.

  • Net Metering installations located in Louisiana, but not in Orleans Parish, click here.

Please click here to submit any questions for potential installations.