Bill explanation

Fuel or purchased power charge Electric or energy charge Storm related charges
This is the cost of fuel we use to generate electricity and the cost of electricity we sometimes purchase from other companies. This charge may go up and down as the cost of fuel changes. Entergy makes no profit on this and the charge is passed through to customers dollar-for-dollar as allowed by regulators. This is the cost to run equipment and facilities to deliver electricity to your home. These charges help us rebuild the infrastructure and equipment damaged by a big storm as soon as possible.
Franchise fees Riders Taxes
This is the fee payment that your local government collects from Entergy to operate in your area. These are short term expenses regulators allow Entergy to recover. Payments to state or local governments required to run a facility in your area.

Residential rate and rider schedules

A rate schedule describes the class of service, applicability, territory, per unit charges and special conditions of service applicable to service under the schedule. A rider schedule modifies one or more provisions of a rate schedule or schedules. Click here.

Fuel adjustment 


The fuel adjustment line item of a customer's bill reflects the actual cost of fuel purchased to generate electricity.

Entergy New Orleans' Fuel Adjustment reports are provided for informational purposes only as a convenience to our customers.  Your use is subject to the terms contained in the "Legal Information" page on this website.  The official tariff documents are on file with the New Orleans' City Council.  If there are differences between the electronic copies on this website and the official tariff documents on file with the regulatory agencies, the official documents shall prevail. Click here.

Purchase gas adjustment 

The Purchased Gas Adjustment line item of the customer's bill is the mechanism by which the company collects the actual cost of natural gas used by Entergy New Orleans gas customers. Click here.

Sample bill calculations