Why should I be interested in EVs?

Electric vehicles or EVs are an increasingly attractive private transportation option and offer many key benefits to their owners including lower emissions, lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance, and less operational noise. With the vision of a cleaner, more innovative, and more efficient energy future, we are modernizing our programs and infrastructure to provide a more accessible and equitable EV future in New Orleans.

Public Electric Vehicle Charger pilot

Entergy New Orleans has installed 30 EV chargers at 25 sites throughout the city in collaboration with the City of New Orleans. All 25 sites are operational as of December 2023. These Level 2 chargers are compatible with all EVs. Read more about the EV charging pilot program and view a full list of available EV charger locations.

To use one of the free charging stations, download the ChargePoint app and create an account, use your current location to find a charger near you and start the charging process by following the instructions on the app. Download our detailed guide to learn more about using our new chargers.

Have an EV charger project in mind?

Entergy New Orleans now partners with customers to install and maintain EV chargers. Whether you’re a property developer trying to include EV chargers in your project, a business owner trying to make charging available at the workplace and/or for your customers, or a fleet manager pursuing the benefits of electric fleet operations, Entergy can partner with you to select, install, and maintain EV charging equipment to meet your needs. The cost of the charger(s), installation, and maintenance will be added to your monthly Entergy New Orleans bill. Find out more about the program.

Entergy’s eTech program offers customers an incentive for purchasing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We currently offer residential customers a $250 incentive for a Level 2 EV charger installed at their home. Simply follow the steps to apply online and receive a check with your cash incentive in 4-6 weeks. For commercial customers, we offer custom incentives for Level 2 EV chargers and Level 3 DC fast chargers.

Other Electrification Opportunities

When it comes to a cleaner future, it doesn’t stop with electric vehicles. promotes the adoption of electric-powered alternatives to many applications traditionally powered by fossil fuels, including material handling equipment, intermodal equipment, industrial technologies, and many more.

The provides customer support by dedicated electrification consultants and financial incentives to Entergy customers who purchase select electric equipment. Electric powered technologies offer several key benefits to end users over their internal combustion counterparts. From creating a clean and healthy environment, to reducing time and money spent on maintenance, find out how you can get charged up with extra savings.