Solar Facilities

Entergy New Orleans customers are now benefitting from a new, clean energy resource to power their homes and businesses with the completion of the Iris Solar facility. The 50 MW site is located in Washington Parish and comprises approximately 187,000 solar panels. The St. James Solar project in St. James Parish adds another 20 MWs to Entergy New Orleans’ generation portfolio. Additionally, the New Orleans Solar Station covers approximately 90 acres of flood-protected property at NASA’s Michoud Assembly facility in New Orleans East, providing 20 MWs of clean energy.

Commercial Rooftop Solar

The Commercial Rooftop Solar program was approved by the City Council to add up to 5 MW of distributed solar resources in the City.  In 2020, the largest commercial rooftop solar project in Louisiana was completed on TCI’s warehouses near the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal in New Orleans. Approximately 7,000 solar panels cover nearly 240,000 square feet of rooftop space, contributing 2.4 MW of clean energy into the Entergy New Orleans electric distribution grid to benefit all customers.  The program was fully subscribed, with another 2.6 MW installed across several large customer sites.  All of the power produced by these systems goes to the grid to serve Entergy New Orleans’ customers throughout the City.

Residential Rooftop Solar Program

The Residential Rooftop Solar Program, ReNEWable Orleans, is a simple and straightforward way for New Orleans customers to participate in the benefits of distributed renewable energy. There are 100 homeowners currently participating in the program, and additional applications are not currently being accepted.

The participating customers allowed Entergy to install a utility owned and operated solar panel system in exchange for a $30 credit every month. Entergy stands behind the installation quality as well as handles all maintenance for the systems. The system connects directly to the distribution grid, providing clean energy to the community.

Entergy will remove and reinstall the system one time for roof repairs with a 90–day notice.

New Orleans City Council Community Solar Program

New Orleans residents and businesses interested in participating in community solar projects can do so through the New Orleans City Council’s Community Solar Program, which is designed to provide an additional renewable energy option to New Orleans electric customers. For more information on the New Orleans City Council's Community Solar Program, please visit here.