Carbon emission policy for New Orleans

In 2021, the New Orleans City Council adopted a Renewable and Clean Portfolio Standard (RCPS) with goals for Entergy New Orleans to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2040 and 100% carbon-free electric generation for New Orleans by 2050.

Every three years, Entergy New Orleans files an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) as required by Council rules. The company is also required to file a forward-looking, three-year RCPS compliance plan that is informed by the most recent IRP and is subject to review by the Council and interested parties. After each calendar year, Entergy New Orleans is required to file an RCPS Compliance Report that reviews actual results for the year. 

Following the timely filing of the 2021 IRP Report in March 2022, we submitted our prospective RCPS Compliance Plan for the years 2023-2025. Entergy New Orleans’ filed Compliance Plans, Reports, and other relevant documents can be found here:

2022 RCPS Compliance Plan

2023-2025 RCPS Compliance Plan